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IADC logoIADC is kicking off new conferences in 2009 highlighting two critical industry topics – advanced rig technology and completions.

Rig mechanization has steadily improved over the past decades, with such tools as top drives and rotating control heads proving to be true successes. Others, however, have not been quite as successful. The IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference will look at key elements defining the state of the art in rig technology. This event will focus primarily on rig floor equipment, emphasizing mechanized systems. Topics will include:

IADC to hold Completions, Advanced Rig Technology conferences in 2009

• Pipe handlers.
• Dual-activity applications.
• Top drives.
• Electronic drillers.
• Control systems.
• Block control.
• Drill string compensation.
• Enabling equipment.
• Efficiency.

The Advanced Rig Technology Conference will be held on 29 September 2009 in Houston. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 March 2009.

The second conference will focus on completions, and the theme is “Technology & Rig Challenges in Ultra-deep Gulf of Mexico Field Completions.” Completion complexity and cost have accelerated in recent  years to often meet or exceed those of well drilling itself. Further, significant rig modifications may be required to accommodate today’s completion solutions, particularly for ultra-deep wells (25,000-ft MD or greater). Reliability has become paramount as well, with wells expected to last more than three decades.

This conference aims to bridge the gap between the completion and drilling communities to improve overall well construction. It will specifically target these key completion challenges of ultra-deep Gulf of Mexico wells:

• Sand control.
• Stimulation.
• Intelligent wells.
• High pressure, high temperature.
• Reducing completion duration.

Abstracts are sought that address one or more of those topics in the following areas:

• Transitioning the rig from drilling to completions.
• Completion design/selection, with emphasis on case studies.
• Maximizing offline activity.
• Equipment reliability and quality assurance.
• Life-of-completion issues.
• Technology gaps at 30,000 ft.
• Contingency planning and intervention strategies.
• Annular pressure management.

The Completions Conference will be held on 17 November 2009 in Houston. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 3 March 2009.

For more information on these events, please visit IADC’s website at www.iadc.org.

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