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2021 DC Editorial Calendar & Media Kit


Dear DC Customer/Marketing Professional,

What a crazy year 2020 has been! Never did I think back in January or February that we were heading into turmoil of historic proportions. I hope that, like me, you are ready to put 2020 into the history books and prepare for a better year in 2021.

While much remains uncertain as we begin to plan for next year, these are the facts we know:

  • Consumers’ need for energy will only grow as countries around the world reopen their economies. Lockdowns will not last forever.
  • E&P companies will still need drilling contractors and their rigs to reliably and cost-efficiently drill oil and gas wells.
  • Both operators and contractors will look to a multitude of oilfield equipment manufacturers and component suppliers, service and technology providers, training providers and safety professionals to support them in these efforts.

We also know this: Competition in the marketplace will be fiercer than ever. To ensure your brand is top of mind for drilling and completion professionals, investing in a trustworthy and effective marketing platform will be critically important.

As the official magazine of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, Drilling Contractor delivers content and marketing opportunities – both in print and online – associated with the trusted IADC brand. It’s a name both recognized and esteemed by drilling and completion decision makers at multiple levels of the supply chain – not just drilling contractors but also national oil companies, major and independent oil companies, and government regulators worldwide.

A few other key facts to keep in mind as you consider your marketing program for 2021:

  • 41% of our 30,000+ subscribers are either in corporate/executive management or rig management roles. These are the cream-of-the-crop decision makers in the drilling and completion business.
  • The next two largest segments of our subscribers are drilling and completions engineers (28%) and drilling and completions operations (24%). If you’re marketing to drilling and completions professionals, there is no better value than DC.
  • DC remains among few long-standing, highly respected industry publications that is still offered in print. This was a commitment we made going into 2021 despite tough economic conditions. We know our magazines are read by those working on drilling rigs around the world; we value and will continue this tactile connection with rig crews and rig management personnel.
  • A third-party readership study conducted in 2019 showed that each copy of DC is passed along to 3-4 more people in their companies.
  • The study also showed that 56% of our readers spend at least 30 minutes and up to 2 hours reading each issue of DC, and 17% spend more than 2 hours reading each issue.

Several digital platforms associated with the IADC/DC brand are also available:

  • DrillingContractor.org and monthly eNews – These are the main platforms for delivering multimedia and other timely content in-between our print magazines.
  • DC Digital Reader – Did you know that advertisers in our print edition get their ad placed for free in DC’s digital edition? While we’ve been offering digital editions of the magazine since 2012, we’ll be significantly enhancing the Digital Reader in 2021 with exclusive articles and videos.
  • DrillBits e-newsletter – These monthly updates relate the latest IADC activities in next-generation workforce engagement, accreditation programs like WellSharp, new projects being undertaken by IADC committees and chapters, and lobbying efforts in Washington, DC. Marketing opportunities are available both in the monthly e-mails that go out to 21,000+ IADC members, as well as on the DrillBits pages of the IADC website.
  • Virtual Panel Discussions are our version of webinars – but more polished and kept non-commercial. This is a great platform for companies that want to show thought leadership in a specific area, such as ESG or leveraging automation to enhance drilling efficiency.
  • IADC Lexicon – Consistently, the largest user bloc for this website are ages 25-34 and the next-largest bloc are ages 18-24. A great platform for marketing your brand to the next generation of oilfield professionals.

Unlike many other for-profit publications on the market, Drilling Contractor is here to support IADC’s mission: help our members safely develop the world’s oil and gas resources, educate those working in the drilling industry, inform the public and lawmakers about our industry, and promote continuous safety. Advertising with Drilling Contractor will demonstrate your company’s commitment to these valuable goals, as well.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you in 2021.


Linda Hsieh
Editor and Publisher



  • Official magazine of IADC
  • Covers both land and offshore
  • Exclusively focused on drilling and completions – covering technology, markets, HSE and training, regulations
  • Nearly all 30,500 subscribers are professionals in the global drilling and completion industry
  • 37% of subscribers are E&P companies, 36% are drilling contractors
  • Ads in the print edition of DC are placed in the DC Digital Reader free of charge*

DC Digital Reader

  • Includes all content from print magazine, plus additional exclusive articles and video/audio interviews or interactive content
  • Single Digital Reader sponsorship available per issue
  • Digital Edition-only ads available (full page or spreads only)
  • Free ad placement in Digital Reader for print edition advertisers, with upgrades available to incorporate video/audio/animation

IADC Membership Directory

  • Details IADC members worldwide, rig statistics and locations
  • Circulation: 43% E&P companies, 31% drilling contractors
  • Enjoys bonus distribution at OTC


  • Timely news articles and video/audio interviews
  • Over 13,500 unique visitors each month
  • Nearly 1,900 average monthly total ad clicks
  • 1.39% click-through rate

Virtual Panel Discussions

  • Pre-recorded webcasts blending video and photos/animations
  • Sponsor participation in VPD theme and panelist selection
  • Potential 2021 VPD themes: ESG in drilling; steerable technologies; drilling and performance optimization with data, automation, digitalization

eNews from DrillingContractor.org

  • Exclusive videos from IADC and other industry conferences
  • Over 21,000 subscribers
  • Approximately 16,000 impressions per edition
  • Strong 0.31% click-through rate

IADC Lexicon

  • Glossary of over 10,600 oilfield drilling terms defined in legislation, regulations, standards, guidelines
  • Largest user bloc are ages 25-34
  • Next-largest user bloc are ages 18-24

DrillBits e-newsletter

  • Monthly updates from IADC as it champions for better legislation and regulation around the world
  • Banner ad positions available in both e-mail and on DrillBits pages of IADC website
  • Reaches 21,000 subscribers each month

2021 DC Editorial Calendar


JANUARY/FEBRUARY Ad Closing: 7 January, Materials Due: 11 January
  • Critical Issues in Drilling & Completions: One-on-One Interviews with Executive Leaders
  • Remote Operations Centers: Current Applications and Future Potential
  • Integrating ESG into Drilling Operations
  • Interview with 2021 IADC Chairman: Strategic View of Forward Path for Drilling Industry
  • IADC Sustainability Conference: 9-10 February
  • IADC Drilling Caspian Conference: 23-24 February
MARCH/APRIL Ad Closing: 18 February, Materials Due: 25 February
  • Innovating While Drilling: Optimizing the Wellbore
    • Steerable Technologies
    • Automating Directional Drilling
    • Optimizing the BHA
    • Drill Bits
  • Improving Fracking Efficiency, including a review of Electric Frac Fleets
  • Workforce Development: Challenges and Opportunities
  • SPE/IADC Virtual International Drilling Conference: 8-12 March
  • IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific Conference: 18-19 May
MAY/JUNE Ad Closing: 8 April, Materials Due: 15 April
  • Unconventional Resources: Status and Outlook for the Permian Basin
  • Offshore Technologies & Markets, including Guyana/Suriname, Brazil and Africa
  • Novel Completion Technologies for Open-Hole Horizontal and Multilateral Wells
  • HSE from a Human Factors/Human Performance Perspective
  • IADC Drilling Onshore Conference: 20 May
  • IADC International Tax Conference: 2-4 June
  • IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference: 8-9 June
  • IADC World Drilling Conference: 15-16 June
JULY/AUGUST Ad Closing: 10 June, Materials Due: 17 June
  • The Digital Transformation issue:
    • Data-Driven Performance Optimization
    • Transforming Workflows to Maximize the Value of Automation
    • Digital Well Planning
    • Machine Learning/AI for Better Well Placement and Quality
  • Well Control Training, including Advances in Drilling Simulators
  • OTC: 16-19 August, Houston, Texas
  • IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas & Exhibition: 24-25 August, New Orleans, La.
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER Ad Closing: 29 July, Materials Due: 5 August
  • Automation & Drilling Rig Advances:
    • Ensuring Efficiency in Rig Reactivations and Startups
    • Maximizing Interoperability of Drilling Equipment and Wells
    • Energy Storage and Optimizing Fuel Efficiency
  • Technologies to Drive ESG Performance
  • Unconventional Resources: Status and Outlook for the Williston Basin
  • IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference: 14-16 September
  • IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference: 15-16 September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference: 19-20 October, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Ad Closing: 30 September, Materials Due: 7 October
  • Drilling Market Outlook: Forecasting 2022
    Case Studies: Demonstrating Value in Technology Investments
  • National Oilwell Varco Annual Rig Census
  • IADC Year in Review: Collaborating on Safety, Training and Attracting the Next Generation
  • IADC Annual General Meeting: 3-5 November, Dallas, Texas
  • ADIPEC: 8-11 November, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • IADC Drilling Middle East Conference & Exhibition: 13-14 December, Abu Dhabi, UAE
* “Innovating While Drilling® (IWD)” is a trademark of the International Association of Drilling Contractors and Drilling Contractor.

DC Print Circulation

High-Value Readers

  • Drilling & Completion Engineers: 28%
  • Corporate/Executive Management and Rig Management: 41%
  • Drilling/Completion Operations: 24%

Reaching Key Players

  • Drilling & Completion Professionals employed by Oil-Producing Firms: 37%
  • Drilling Contractors: 36%

Bonus Distribution

  • DC is distributed at over 19 high-interest conferences worldwide.


*Publisher’s sworn statement.

DC Print Rates


1 issue 2 issues (price per issue) 6 issues/1 year (price per issue)
2-Page Spread 17,180 16,650 16,140
Full Page 9,045 8,765 8,495
2/3 Page 7,420 7,190 6,965
1/2 Island 6,700 6,490 6,340
1/2 Page 6,060 5,875 5,690
1/3 Page 4,620 4,560 4,505
1/4 Page 3,980 3,860 3,740


1 issue 2 issues (price per issue)
6 issues/1 year (price per issue)
Back Cover 10,730 10,325 10,015
Inside Cover Front 10,100 9,715 9,425
Inside Back Cover 9,470 9,110 8,840
Opposite Table of Contents 9,855 9,480 9,195
Spread Between Table of Contents 18,705 17,995 17,455
Opposite Drilling Ahead, Tech Digest, D&C News 9,470 9,110 8,840

All Print Edition ads are included in DC’s Digital Edition free of charge. For Digital Edition-only advertising, click here.

INSERTS/SPECIALTIES: For bound-in, tabbed, etc. – contact publisher. Details available upon request.

ALL PRICES IN US DOLLARS: Frequency rates are based on the number of insertions used within a 12-month period (whether ROB, special position, covers, etc). Each page or fraction qualifies as one insertion. Spreads count as 2 insertions.

RATE PROTECTIVE CLAUSE: When new rates are announced, contract advertisers will be protected at their contract rates for the duration of their contract. Contracts made prior to the effective date of the new rates will also be protected at the then-existing rates.

AGENCY COMMISSION: 15% commission to recognized agencies on gross billing for space, color, cover or special position, and insert charges. No commission on miscellaneous charges or for classifieds.

CASH DISCOUNT: 2% net after agency commission, if paid within 15 days from date of invoice.


  1. Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content and illustrations printed and assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom against the publisher.
  2. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising which she feels is not in keeping with the publication’s standards and to prominently place the word “advertisement” with copy that closely resembles editorial material.
  3. Publisher will repeat latest advertisement for scheduled space when no new acceptable copy is furnished.
  4. Cancellations accepted only before closing date for reservations.
  5. Publisher reserves the right to require payment in advance.

DC Print Specs

Advertisement Dimensions

*Do not reserve additional space for gutter

PUBLICATION SPECS: Printed as web offset, 4-color sequence (CMYK) and perfect bound with a trim size of 8-1/8 x 10-7/8 inches (206 x 276 mm). Mechanical requirements, ad sizes and other publication specs are the same for Drilling Contractor and the IADC Membership Directory.

PREFERRED MATERIALS: Artwork can be supplied in high-resolution PDF, EPS, or 300dpi TIF. Please ensure colors are CMYK (PMS spot colors should be converted to process). All fonts should either be included or converted to outlines.

FILE TRANSFERS / SHIPPING / EMAIL INFO: Ad materials can be sent via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or third-party file-sharing service, via email (if file is less than 15mb) to drilling.contractor@iadc.org, or shipped to:

Drilling Contractor
3657 Briarpark Drive, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77042 USA
+1 713 292 1945

ARTICLE REPRINTS: Low-resolution PDF reprints are available at the rate of $500 per article. Price for printed reprints available upon request.

Digital Reader


The DC Digital Reader is a digital mirror of Drilling Contractor, providing the same high-quality drilling & completions content, plus exclusive content not found in the print edition:

  • Additional articles or enhanced articles with additional content
  • Video and audio interviews and/or animations embedded in articles
  • Links to additional related resources

The Reader’s handy booklet format allows readers to conveniently read the magazine, whether they’re in the office, at home, on a drilling rig or anywhere else in the world. DC’s digital reader can be viewed on an iPad, Android tablet, Windows or Mac OSX computer, and smart phones.

Marketing opportunities available in the Digital Reader include:

Digital Reader sponsorship

  • One single sponsorship offered per issue
  • Full-page ad to the left of the cover
  • Sponsor logo included on e-blast announcing publication of the digital edition
  • Sponsor logo included on Digital Reader download page for that issue
Digital Reader issue Sponsorship 8,000

Digital-only advertising

  • Only full-page ads or spreads
  • Appears only in the Digital Reader for that specific issue
  • Placement within first third of publication
Position Rate
2-Page Spread 6,500
Full Page 4,000

Ad upgrade

  • Advertisers in the print edition receive complimentary placement of their ads in the DC digital reader*
  • Upgrade available to add video, audio or animation for full-page and fractional advertisements
Upgrade Options Rate
Add video, audio, animations to Full Page 2,000
Add video, audio, animations to Fractional 1,000
* Video/audio/animation file must be supplied by the advertiser.
* Publisher reserves the right to reject any video/audio/animation file that she feels is inappropriate or not in keeping with the publication’s standards or mission.
* Subject to change without notice.
Accepted Video/Animation file types: MP4, MOV, GIF
Accepted Audio file types: M4A, MP3, WAV, AAC
All files should be kept under 10MB.

IADC Membership Directory


Due Dates

Ad Closing: 23 March
Materials Due: 30 March

MISSION: The 2021 IADC Membership Directory is the definitive guide to the global drilling industry and your opportunity to connect with the key decision makers within the global wellsite industry. A whopping 97% of the IADC Membership Directory circulation goes to Company Officers/Owners (66%) and Management (31%).

READERSHIP: IADC is the only industry trade association with international scope among drilling contractors, oil companies and service firms alike. Accordingly, the 2021 IADC Membership Directory is an indispensable global reference of key operators, contractors, drilling rigs, suppliers and services.

The IADC Membership Directory puts your marketing message in the hands of 5,000 drilling and producing executives. If you do business with the worldwide rig fleet, the 2021 IADC Membership Directory is an outstanding advertising value. It is also an excellent way to highlight your company’s support for IADC’s initiatives in government affairs, HSE, well control, technology and more.

Tabbed Section dividers boost ad visibility economically.

  • Increase the visibility of your firm’s advertisement in the 2021 Directory by reserving a tabbed section divider. Each of the Directory’s major sections will be introduced by a tabbed, heavy-stock divider. Spots are limited.
  • Right of first refusal applies to divider-page advertisers in the 2020 IADC Directory.

IADC Membership Directory Print Rates/Specs


2-Page Spread 12,300
Back Cover 8,100
Inside Front Cover 7,960
Tabbed Divider Page 7,830
Full Page 7,000
1/2 Island 4,600
1/2 Page Vertical or Horizontal 4,400
1/4 Page 2,600

PUBLICATION SPECS: Printed as web offset, 4-color sequence (CMYK) and perfect bound with a trim size of 8-1/8 x 10-7/8 inches (206 x 276 mm). Mechanical requirements, ad sizes and other publcation specs are the same for Drilling Contractor and the IADC Membership Directory.

PREFERRED MATERIALS: Artwork can be supplied in high-resolution PDF, EPS, or 300dpi TIF. Please ensure colors are CMYK (PMS spot colors should be converted to process). All fonts should either be included or converted to outlines.

FILE TRANSFERS / SHIPPING / EMAIL INFO: Ad materials can be sent via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or third-party file-sharing service, via email (if file is less than 15mb) to drilling.contractor@iadc.org, or shipped to:

Drilling Contractor
3657 Briarpark Drive, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77042 USA
+1 713 292 1945



DRILLINGCONTRACTOR.ORG is the prime source of news for the drilling industry, as well as a companion to the print edition of Drilling Contractor. DrillingContractor.org reports via articles and videos on the latest news affecting and shaping the global drilling and completions industry.

DrillingContractor.org is set apart by its enhanced online editorial complementing DC’s print version. Examples of web exclusives include animations and videos related to articles published in DC, as well as additional graphics, editorial and case histories. Each article featuring enhanced editorial includes a footnote in the print edition directing readers to additional content on the website. DrillingContractor.org also maintains archives of past issues.

Yearly Stats (2020)

  • Sessions: 194,532
  • Users: 142,183
  • Pageviews: 264,302
  • Ad Impressions: 1,648,963
  • Clicks: 6,245
  • Clickthrough Rate: 0.38%

Monthly Stats (September 2020)

  • Sessions: 16,839
  • Users: 13,594
  • Pageviews: 23,058
  • Ad Impressions: 135,721
  • Clicks: 1,885
  • Clickthrough Rate: 1.39%

SOCIAL MEDIA: Our primary goals are to drive users back to our site and engage with our readers.

Facebook 30,600+ Followers
LinkedIn 3,725+ Followers
YouTube 2,000+ Subscribers / 2.1 Million Video Views
Twitter 4,800+ Followers

Available Sizes & Pricing

(Monthly, USD) Homepage Inside Pages
Leaderboard (728×90) 1,390 1,270
Masthead (468×60) 1,335 1,155
Poster (300×250) 1,335 1,155
Skyscraper (120×600) 1,335 1,155
Banner (468×60) 1,155 1,000
Button (120×240) 850 725



PREFERRED MATERIALS: Artwork can be supplied as JPG, PNG, or Animated GIF. For HTML5, Double-Click, and other third-party ad support, please contact the webmaster for more information.

Please note: Ads rendered in Shockwave Flash format will not be visible on iOS platforms and are commonly blocked by default on numerous web browsers and email clients. In light of these developments, we no longer accept files in SWF format.

Focused Microsites


DrillingContractor.org offers microsites focusing on specific areas of interest within the well-construction sector.

Your ad will rotate on all articles linked to any microsite

• Number of microsite-linked articles: 4,225
• Average monthly impressions: 24,697
• Average monthly clickthrough rate: 0.28%
• No rotating ads on landing pages

  • Drilling Rigs & Automation: Automated drilling systems, data analytics, Big Data, condition-based maintenance, digital twins, cybersecurity
  • Innovating While Drilling®: MPD, drill bits, directional drilling, rotary steerables, drill pipe and connections, drilling fluids
  • Onshore Advances: extended-reach laterals, Permian Basin, water management, land rig advances, Vaca Muerta
  • The Offshore Frontier: deepwater and subsea markets, offshore technologies and case studies, next-gen drilling rigs
  • Completing the Well: hydraulic fracturing, cementing, sand and proppants, well intervention, coiled tubing
  • IADC, Regulation, and Legislation: government and public advocacy for the industry, next-generation engagement, and updates from regulators like BSEE, EPA, OSHA, PSA, UK HSE
  • Global & Regional Markets: new drilling rig contracts, discoveries and wells drilled, drilling program announcements, M&A’s
  • Safety and ESG: ESG, human factors, well control, training advances, simulators, dropped object prevention, near-misses, water management

DC microsite advertisers dominate their respective microsite landing pages as the sole advertiser.

As an added bonus, microsite leaderboard adverts also appear on every article linked to any microsite. (Article adverts will rotate with two to seven other adverts.)

Example: Book the Onshore Advances microsite, and your ad appears on all landing pages for Onshore Advances as well as all articles linked to any of the seven other microsites.


(Monthly, USD)
Microsite Campaign including Leaderboard (728×90), Skyscraper (120×600), Poster (300×250) 3,000
* “Innovating While Drilling® (IWD)” is a trademark of the International Association of Drilling Contractors and Drilling Contractor.

Virtual Panel Discussions (VPDs)


DC virtual panel discussions are one of the greatest values available to drilling and completion marketers. These high-interest webcasts feature expert panelists discussing the critical issues confronting the well-construction industry. Each of the pre-recorded VPDs will span 30 minutes to an hour. Virtual panel discussions are archived on DrillingContractor.org.

DC VPDs differ from typical webinars because they blend video, shot either in DC’s in-house studio or online via Zoom, with PowerPoint and additional videos or animations.

All Time Stats


Each VPD is promoted multiple times through combinations of DC, eNews and dedicated promotions, reaching more than 50,000 drilling and completion professionals. All promotions for the VPD, whether print or electronic, will feature the sponsor logo. In addition, the sponsor will be thanked at the start and finish of the VPD and the sponsor logo displayed on the video. Sponsors will receive names and e-mails of all VPD registrants.

Our virtual panel discussions provide significant value, as the table below shows.

All DC virtual panel discussions must be deemed as value adding to readers and viewers. Excessive commerciality tends to discourage viewers and diminishes credibility.

Included items (values in USD)
Drilling Contractor Magazine advertising (1 issue, 1/3 page color) 3,900
Drilling Contractor eNews promotion (x1) 2,500
IADC DrillBits eblast promotion (x1) 2,500
Dedicated email promotion* (x1) 2,450
Archiving of VPD on DrillingContractor.org 12,000
Analytics post event 1,500
Pre- and post-VPD emails** (x2) 2,000
Database asset delivery 2,000
Project Value 28,850
Added Value Discount -13,850
*NOTE: Since IADC does not sell lists or offer third-party eblasts, this is the only mechanism for a single company to eblast the IADC/DC readership.
**Pre-event reminder sent to registrants one day prior to VPD, and post-event reminders to registrants who have not yet viewed the VPD.

Sample VPD

IADC Lexicon


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build your brand among the next generation of industry leaders and employees! The IADC Lexicon is a glossary of oilfield drilling terms that have been defined in legislation, regulations, standards and/or guidelines. Over the past year, the website has logged nearly 255,000 sessions. Impressively, data analytics show that the largest bloc of Lexicon users belong to the coveted age group of 25-34. The next-largest bloc of users (17%) are between the ages of 18-24. The IADC Lexicon is a prime opportunity for marketers in the drilling industry.

WHAT DO ADVERTISERS GET? Advertise with a leaderboard on the homepage and a powerful leaderboard/poster ad combo site-wide on every inside page. Your ad will be featured on every definition page throughout the site–that’s over 10,600 terms. Ads will rotate with up to 4-6 other leaderboard or poster ads.

Yearly Stats (2019)

  • Sessions: 254,319
  • Users: 228,539
  • Pageviews: 340,470
  • New Sessions: 88.55%
  • User Ages 25-34: 41%
  • User Ages 18-24: 17%
  • Ad Impressions: 963,076
  • Clicks: 2,114
  • Clickthrough Rate: 0.22%

Stats (September 2020)

  • Sessions: 20,145
  • Users: 18,465
  • Pageviews: 25,687
  • Ad Impressions: 71,918
  • Clicks: 171
  • Clickthrough Rate: 0.24%


(Monthly, USD)
Campaign including homepage Leaderboard (728×90), as well as Leaderboard & Poster (300×250) ads site-wide 1,250

DrillBits webpages on IADC.org

For the first time, there is now an opportunity to advertise directly on the IADC website’s monthly newsletter web pages. Following our redesign of DrillBits in August 2020, links from the email now take our high-value drilling industry readers and decision makers to the IADC website, where marketers can promote their brand via highly visible banners. Each banner will appear on the landing page for all existing issues of DrillBits, as well as in each individual article post. These are never-offered-before positions that
IADC will continue to promote and build in 2021, so get in early!

(Monthly, USD)
Leaderboard (728×90) 500
Poster (300×250) 500




Marketing professionals can target the global drilling industry through selected pages on IADC.org, official site of the International Association of Drilling Contractors. IADC.org enjoys traffic of nearly 32,000 visitors per month (roughly 70% of those being new users) with nearly 145,000 page views.

AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED: Contact our Global Sales Manager about opportunities on IADC.org.


Yearly Stats

  • Sessions: 449,212
  • Users: 277,765
  • Pageviews: 1,119,911
  • Ad Impressions: 412,161
  • Ad Clicks: 1,581
  • Ad CTR: 0.38%

Monthly Stats
(September 2020)

  • Sessions: 31,914
  • Users: 22,459
  • Pageviews: 144,898
  • Ad Impressions: 11,848
  • Ad Clicks: 93
  • Ad CTR: 0.78%

eNews from DrillingContractor.org

Original reporting from key industry events

eNews from DrillingContractor.org presents original news and features, as well as information from key industry players, updates on IADC activities, exclusive reports from IADC conferences, reader surveys and more.

Each edition of eNews links back to DrillingContractor.org.

Stats from the September 2020 edition

  • Sent: 21,559
  • Open Rate: 21.5%
  • Ad Impressions: 16,289
  • Clicks: 51
  • Clickthrough Rate: 0.31%
(Monthly, USD) Top Middle Bottom
Poster (300 x 250) 4,000 3,800 3,200
Leaderboard (728 x 90) 2,500 2,300 2,100

2021 eNews Coverage Schedule (12 editions)


  • Industry news and features

  • Industry news and features

  • IADC Sustainability Conference

  • Offshore Technology Conference

  • IADC Drilling Caspian Conference
  • SPE/IADC International Drilling Conference
  • SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference

  • IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas
  • IADC/SPE MPD & UBO Conference
  • IADC Drilling HSE&T Europe Conference
  • SPE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

  • Industry news and features

  • IADC Advanced Rig Technology Conference
MAY 26

  • SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference
  • IADC Drilling HSE&T Asia Pacific Conference
  • IADC Drilling Onshore Conference

  • IADC Annual General Meeting

  • IADC/SPE Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference
  • IADC World Drilling

  • IADC Drilling Middle East Conference


IADC’s electronic newsletter

IADC’s newly redesigned DrillBits monthly newsletter is IADC’s vehicle for communicating pending legislation and regulation impacting the global drilling industry. DrillBits also provides critical updates on IADC advocacy efforts in Washington, DC, and around the world; accreditation and certification programs; IADC’s flagship ISP accident and safety incident tracking results; and more.

DrillBits reaches 21,000+ high-value drilling industry readers. For available advertising positions, see graphic to the right.

Stats from the July 2020 edition

  • Sent: 21,242
  • Open Rate: 23.3%
  • Ad Impressions: 20,620
  • Clicks: 89
  • Clickthrough Rate: 0.43%
(Monthly, USD) Top Middle Bottom
Poster (300 x 250) 4,000 3,800 3,200
Leaderboard (728 x 90) 2,500 2,300 2,100

IADC Rig Reports


Have a message you want to take straight to the rig? Marketing your company’s products and services through IADC checklists and forms provides direct presence at the rig site and to rig-based operations personnel.

High-visibility advertising is available on the front and back covers and inside “flap” of these checklists and forms. “Flap” visibility is ensured by its function to separate pages so that notes will not bleed through to underlying pages. (See illustration on below.)

IADC will place your company’s advertisement in a press run for any of the indispensable rig forms and checklists listed on these two pages.

(Rates below are net USD)

IADC DAILY DRILLING REPORT: The IADC Daily Drilling Report is the primary data-collection form for the global drilling industry. Also called the “tour sheet,” the DDR captures information related to the rig crew for payroll, as well as equipment, wellbore, bit and BHA.

Up to two adverts are available on the front flap. (See diagram.)

Full Page (8 x 11-1/8) on Front Flap 4,500

IADC DRILLING RIG SAFETY INSPECTION CHECKLIST: The definitive checklist for rig safety inspection is indispensable at the rig site as a comprehensive guide to key hazards. Printed on carbonless paper to provide multiple records.

Adverts available on the back cover, and on both the front and reverse flap. The flap stands out due to its function in separating pages to avoid overwriting future pages.

Front Flap Back Flap Back Cover
Full Page (8 x 11-1/8) 3,500 3,000 2,500
Fractional (8 x 4-7/8) N/A 1,500 N/A

IADC SAFETY MEETING TOPICS AND RECORDS: Safety meetings on the rig are more important than ever, and the IADC Safety Meeting Topics and Records are a rig crew’s guide to vital HSE topics.

Printed on carbonless paper for multiple copies.

Inside Front Cover
Front Flap Back Flap Back Cover
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IADC WEEKLY SAFETY MEETING REPORT: Crews can choose their own topics for discussion using this form, printed on carbonless paper for multiple copies.

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IADC DAILY ENGINE REPORT: The IADC Daily Engine Report is an essential record of drilling engine temperature and pressures, includes space for measurements of additional mud pumps and multiple record sheets on carbonless paper.

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IADC MUD PUMP INSPECTION CHECKLIST: Maintaining high fluid throughput is essential in many of today’s complex wells. This form is one that goes to the heart of today’s drilling challenges.

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IADC NEAR-MISS REPORTS: Reducing near-misses is a major goal of several major international operators. There are two versions – one for Drilling, one for Well Servicing/Workover.

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IADC Sales Offices


For all sales inquiries regarding Drilling Contractor and our other products, please contact the office below:

Bill Krull

Phone: +1-713-292-1954
Cell: +1-713-201-6155
Email: bill.krull@iadc.org


DC/IADC Headquarters

International Association of Drilling Contractors
3657 Briarpark Drive, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77042
Phone: (713) 292-1945 • Fax: (713) 292-1946
Email: drilling.contractor@iadc.org
Web: www.drillingcontractor.org

Linda Hsieh
Editor & Publisher

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Creative Director

Anthony Garwick
Director – Web & IT Services

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