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Subcommittees of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) Committee are forging ahead with developments to help the industry better understand the benefits and pitfalls of mechanized rig systems. The subcommittees met during August.

The ART Guidelines Subcommittee, led by Vice Chairman Logan Puckett, Pride International, is developing a matrix to assist in determining applicability of mechanized equipment for land rigs, floaters and jackups. A series of sheets will be produce, each linked to a selectable data sheet containing various types of equipment. The matrix will take a “decision tree” format, linking to additional sheets, as appropriate for each identified situation or specification. The committee plans to post the matrix on www.iadc.org.

Rig Tech subcommittees developing decision matrix, survey on equipment interfaces

The Guidelines Subcommittee is also looking at HSE/training guidelines, focusing on collision avoidance.

Also in August, the ART Software Interface Subcommittee met to develop a questionnaire to better understand how, when and to what degree of severity the inability of equipment to communication is impacting drilling operations.

Under the leadership of Vice Chairman Zain Master, Caterpillar, the subcommittee identified several significant questions helpful in collecting information on integration of the drilling control system, vessel management system, power management system, and accommodation power systems.

Proper integration of drilling equipment is not only critical to reducing downtime, but also plays into rig safety.

The full ART Committee will meet at 2 pm Tuesday, 30 September in the 8th Floor conference room in IADC’s building. Click here to register. If you cannot attend in person, we will have Internet capability available for you to participate remotely. (You will need a microphone to speak.)

More information on the ART Committee is available on its website, www.iadc.org/committees/advanced_rig_technology/index.html.

Or contact Mike Killalea (mike.killalea@iadc.org).

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