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IADC aims to boost subsea crew competency with new assessment program

Launched in August, the IADC Subsea Competency Assessment Program is designed to enhance workforce competency in the drilling industry, providing a clear pathway to credential qualified subsea technicians who have a position-specific comprehension of concepts and who have demonstrated effective skills in the field. In this interview with DC, Brooke Polk, Senior Director – Accreditation Operations at IADC is joined by Ricky Cummings, Principal Advisor – Well Control Systems at Chevron, and Martin Carnie, Head of Well Control Equipment at Maersk Drilling, to discuss the objectives of the program, as well as the development process.

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Schlumberger launches autonomous directional drilling

In this video interview with DC, Raul Suarez, Construction Product Manager at Schlumberger, speaks about the range of different technologies his company has developed under the autonomous directional drilling umbrella, as well as its overall vision for what can be achieved. The company launched an autonomous directional drilling service on 16 August.

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3D printing aims to cut operational costs by manufacturing parts on site

With companies looking to cut operational costs and improve supply chain efficiencies, the industry is turning to additive manufacturing systems to help reduce parts replacement downtime. Speaking to DC from the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, Arash Shadravan, Energy Business Development Manager at Roboze, discussed the value that the company’s ARGO 1000 printer can provide.

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OTC Spotlight on New Technology award winner addresses common bolting challenges

In this video interview from the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, Eric Junkers, HYTORC President, discussed the company's J-Washer Technology, as well as the most common challenges around bolting in the oil and gas drilling industry today. HYTORC received the 2021 OTC Spotlight on on New Technology Small Business Award for the J-Washer.

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MTU offers hybrid drilling, e-frac systems to help land drillers cut emissions

More and more companies in the land drilling sector are looking to alternative, lower-carbon solutions to power their operations. In this video from the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference, DC speaks with Dave Bosco, Senior Sales and Business Development Manager, Global Oil & Gas at MTU, a Rolls Royce solution, about the company’s efforts in hybrid drilling and electric fracturing (e-frac) technologies.

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Reliable data critical to demonstrating sustainability achievements

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions – and demonstrating that commitment to these efforts – has become a critical goal for drilling contractors. However, many challenges remain to be overcome, including data. Anton Rushakov, Senior Consultant at Global Affairs Associates, explains in this interview with DC why drilling contractors often lack reliable data to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Digitalization fuels Saipem’s efforts to lower greenhouse gases

The relationship between digital technologies and sustainability is symbiotic. Digitalization can serve as a catalyst for companies looking to build sustainable businesses, while the search for sustainable energy solutions is inspiring innovative systems that can power the industry of the future. In this interview with DC, Chiara Perotti, Onshore Drilling Environmental Manager at Saipem, and Luca Motti, Onshore Drilling Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager at Saipem, provides highlights from their presentation at the 2021 IADC Sustainability Conference on 9 February. This includes a review of the company’s sustainability efforts and the role played by digitalization, as well as how rig design factors into emissions reduction.

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HPOG provides resources to help companies establish human performance programs

Since 2019, the Human Performance in Oil and Gas (HPOG) initiative has provided a platform for industry stakeholders to promote the application of human performance in every aspect of oil and gas operations, including drilling. In this interview with DC, Chris Parker, Human Performance Lead Adviser at BP and a member of the HPOG Steering Committee, speaks about the development of the initiative. Among other things, Mr Parker discusses the launch of HPOG’s website, which provides a wealth of resources that can assist companies as they work to develop their own human performance management systems, even if they lack the in-house expertise or framework to guide their decision-making.

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