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Wireless wellsite monitoring system could reduce NPT and tripping hazards

Current wellsite operations may create many types of real-time load and pressure monitoring data, but the transmission of that data from load cells is still primarily done by wireline – and transmission cables are not only a tripping hazard for personnel, but cable breakage is a common cause of NPT. To address these ongoing challenges, Strainstall – a UK-based mechanical and industrial engineering firm – developed Wellsite Monitoring Solutions, a wire and cable less monitoring system. Jim Profit, Business Development Manager for Strainstall, introduced the system on 16 August at the IADC ART Spark Tank, a forum for technology developers to present their innovations to a panel of operators and drilling contractors. Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman ...

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Self-destroying drill bits could reduce NPT and keep the drill string downhole

Drill bits are one of the most important parts of any rig’s operations, and no matter how well a bit works, it will eventually wear out. The cutters will become dull and less effective, and finally the bit will have to be replaced. Replacing a drill bit a costly, time-consuming operation on any rig today. John Bloomfield, President and Founder of Bloomfield R&D, has envisioned a method that uses disposable, self-destroying cutters to keep the drill string downhole and reduce NPT. Mr Bloomfield presented his idea on 16 August at the IADC ART Spark Tank,  a forum for technology developers to present their innovations to a panel of operators and drilling contractors. Watch DC’s video as Senior Editor Alex Wukman ...

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IADC supplier metrics, scorecard aims to align expectations, promote performance improvement

The IADC Supply Chain Committee has developed standard supplier metrics and a scorecard. The supplier metrics were evaluated on impact to the supply chain process and the measurability by both suppliers and drilling contractors, according to Andy Poosuthasee, Director of Supply Chain for Vantage Drilling, who also serves on the IADC committee. The standard metrics will be used to create a balanced scorecard that drillers can share with suppliers so they understand the driller’s priorities and expectations, and are relevant and meaningful with their areas of expertise and business. Watch DC’s video as Managing Editor Linda Hsieh talks with Mr Poosuthasee about the driver for developing these metrics and how they work. A FAQ about the supplier metrics and scorecard ...

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Creative Learning Spiral can help oil and gas companies foster innovation among employees

As the oil and gas industry strives for innovations that can help it to maximize operational performance and improve safety, companies might want to look to the Creative Learning Spiral as a valuable tool. The framework, which centers around imagination and cycles through phases of create, play, share, then back to imagination again, can be used to foster innovation both when companies are looking for bold, new ideas and when only small process improvements are needed. In this video, DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh speaks with Clena Abuan, Senior Technology Associate for BP, about how companies can deploy the Creative Learning Spiral, as well as BP’s work to develop a model that can predict the probability of a safety incident ...

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Susan Farrell: Oil prices to stay volatile amid geopolitical tensions, increased production from US unconventionals

There is tremendous uncertainty in the oil markets right now, particularly on the supply side. For example, Venezuela’s production decline began to accelerate in late 2017, contributing to the higher oil prices. This year, production in the country has moved into an apparent free fall and is forecast to take 1 million bbl/day out of the market by year-end, said Susan Farrell, VP of IHS Markit. In this interview from the 2018 IADC World Drilling Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 19 June, Ms Farrell also discuss potential impacts from Iran sanctions, as well as US unconventionals production, which is expected to increase both in 2018 and 2019. Watch the video to learn more about Ms Farrell’s forecast.

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IGA urges drilling industry urged to exchange knowledge with geothermal

Geothermal is an unlimited natural source of energy and can play a significant role in meeting the world’s energy needs, Dr Marit Brommer, Executive Director of the International Geothermal Association, said at the 2018 IADC World Drilling Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 20 June. The drilling industry has a role to play in exploring that potential, she noted. In this interview with DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh, Dr Brommer discusses how geothermal can support the transition from a fossil fuel to a renewable-based economy, as well as the Iceland Deep Drilling Project.

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Forces of disruption are under way, and industry must respond, adapt

Multiple forces of disruption are under way in the drilling industry, and companies must acknowledge and respond to these forces, Kevin Krausert, President and CEO at Beaver Drilling, said at the 2018 IADC World Drilling Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 19 June. Beaver Drilling has partnered with the University of Calgary on a project – called the Avatar Program – that explores what a training program for rig crews of the future should look like that would allow the industry to adopt technologies faster and in a safe manner. In this interview with DC, Mr Krausert also talks about how the drilling industry can approach competition both on product and on price.

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Operators, drilling contractors gather for IADC well control/CRM workshop

As IADC prepares to launch its WellSharp Plus well control training accreditation program, the association invited stakeholders from across the industry to a workshop to discuss challenges and opportunities for evolving and improving the industry’s approach to well control training. The event was held at the Maersk Training facility in Houston on 18 May. DC Managing Editor Linda Hsieh spoke with several participants at the workshop – Jason Pittman, Principal Instructor, Drilling Simulator for Rowan Companies; David Lobdell, BP Competence Management Manager; and Paulo Bernardo Moritz, Simulation Training Specialist for Noble Corp – to get their thoughts on the importance of incorporating crew resource management (CRM) into its training, as well as the importance of investing in people and their development even in a difficult market. Watch the video for more information...

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Digital technologies to enable lower cost-of-supply to sustain unconventionals revolution

The US has greatly benefitted from the unconventionals revolution, in terms of the economy, energy security and the environment, Greg Leveille, Chief Technology Officer for ConocoPhillips, said at the 2018 IADC Drilling Onshore Conference in Houston on 17 May. To sustain the success of this revolution, the industry must continue to make rapid developments in technologies like horizontal drilling and fracture stimulation. The digital technology revolution, which is already under way, is also expected to allow operators to adopt a more data-driven approach to decision making and provide new insights, leading to additional progress in lowering cost-of-supply. Watch DC’s video with Mr Leveille for more details...

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