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Firmus, Duro technologies reduce environmental footprint of drilling operations

Data from the American Petroleum Institute (API) shows that for every foot drilled in the US, 1.21 bbl of drilling waste is generated. Of that, 50% is solid drilling waste – or mud and cuttings, made up of solids, liquids and other additives. As regulators continue to raise the level of expectations on drilling companies’ management of drilled solids...

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Wicklund: US onshore will likely recover more quickly than deepwater

The US shale industry has been pushed into the role of the world’s swing producer, said James Wicklund, Managing Director of Energy Research at Credit Suisse, in a 6 November presentation at the 2015 IADC Annual General Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. In this video, Mr Wicklund explains what this means for the industry and discusses his expectations for a market recovery in both the onshore and offshore sectors.

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Consumer Energy Alliance encourages advocacy both within and outside Washington, DC

During panel session at the 2015 IADC Annual General Meeting in San Antonio on 5 November, Michael Whatley, Executive Vice President at the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), stated that the industry must work both inside and outside Washington to advance its agenda. In this video, Mr Whatley tells DC Editorial Coordinator Kelli Ainsworth about the CEA’s primary energy policy concerns, as well as how the organization plans to address those concerns through lobbying and by generating grassroots support.

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Neil Duffin, ExxonMobil: Industry must work together to come out of downturn stronger

The methods for collaboration in the industry are likely to change as a result of the lower oil price environment, Neil Duffin, President of ExxonMobil Development, said at the 2015 IADC Annual General Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on 5 November. In this exclusive video with DC, Mr Duffin explains how drilling contractors can help operators make more projects economically viable in the current price environment and how the industry can emerge from the downturn better and stronger.

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Kenny Baker of Cactus Drilling wins IADC Chairman’s Anniversary Award

Kenny Baker, Drilling Superintendent for Cactus Drilling, received the inaugural IADC Chairman’s Anniversary Award on 5 November at the 2015 IADC Annual General Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The award recognizes individuals working in the field who have helped improve performance for the drilling industry. In this video, Mr Baker recounts his work at Cactus that led to this award, as well as lessons he’s learned about safety during his career in the industry.

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