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“Accelerating and Sustaining the Learning Curve through Digitalization and Automation”

Air Date: 27 August, 2019 @ 10.00 CDT

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The drive to move the global drilling industry toward digitalization and automation over the past few years has been phenomenal. Driven in part by the economic conditions brought about by the downturn, companies across the spectrum have realized that they require not just incremental but step changes in cost reductions and efficiency gains. Such changes won’t be realized by doing what’s always been done or by squeezing the supply chain.

As the rest of the world adopts Industry 4.0, companies in the drilling space are also navigating their way through the digitalization and automation space. Fundamental questions that are being asked are: “Do we know what’s the optimum thing to do? And “Are we doing it?”

This virtual panel discussion, sponsored by Schlumberger, will look at some of the significant advances that have been achieved and what that tells us about where we need to go next.


  • Rodrigo Gallo Covarrubias, Digital Drilling Business Manager, Schlumberger
  • Victor Figueroa, COO, Point Energy Partners Operating
  • Riaz Israel, Team Lead – Wells Technology, BP
  • Linda Hsieh, Editor/Publisher, IADC/Drilling Contractor (moderator)

“Managed Pressure Drilling: Tomorrow’s Drilling Standard Is Here Today”

Air Date: 26 March, 2019 @ 10.00 CDT

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The offshore drilling industry needs efficiency gains and cost savings as never before. Fortunately, managed pressure drilling can provide both cost savings and, just as importantly, enhanced drilling safety. MPD is defined by IADC as an adaptive drilling process used to precisely control the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore. The objectives are to ascertain the downhole pressure environment limits and to manage the annular hydraulic pressure profile accordingly. It is the intention of MPD to avoid continuous influx of formation fluids to the surface. Any influx incidental to the operation will be safely contained using an appropriate process.

The use of closed-loop systems common to all types of MPD represents a giant step forward from conventional, open-to-air drilling systems.

For nearly two decades, industry has viewed MPD as an exotic, niche technology with limited applications. Now, however, inclusion of MPD systems aboard drilling rigs is increasingly common. Further, whereas in the past the job of running MPD operations was limited to specialized third-party consultants, today drilling crews are gaining competency in MPD.

This virtual panel discussion, sponsored by ABS, brings together an operator, drilling contractor, and classification society to define MPD, detail the benefits in efficiency and safety, explore what makes a rig and crew MPD capable, and provide an outlook for the future of this important technology.


“Today’s Digital Oilfield: Dangers and Opportunities”

Air Date: Tuesday, 9 January 2018 @ 10.00 CST

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Tomorrow is here today, and the digital oilfield is already impacting drilling operations in ways good and bad. This virtual panel discussion, airing 9 January, 2018, will explore the risks and benefits that can accrue from these cutting-edge technologies.

Cybersecurity is a major topic, not just for our industry, but for virtually anyone who touches the Internet. Siv Houmb, CEO of Secure-NOK, and Chair of the IADC ART Cybersecurity Subcommittee, will walk us though the real risk of a cyberattack on drilling assets, motivations behind possible attacks, regulatory initiatives, potential solutions and more.

While the bogeymen of cybervillainy are real and insidious, the upside of digital technology holds great promise for improved efficiencies. One of the most promising is blockchain, the technology behind the burgeoning global Internet currency Bitcoin. Andrew Bruce, CEO of Data Gumbo, will detail the potential for blockchain in oil and gas, including smart contracts that can remove time, expense, and mistrust.


“Drilling & Completion in the Permian Basin Today”

Air Date: 6 September, 2017 @ 10.00 CDT

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The heads of drilling and completion for two of the largest operators in the Permian Basin will discuss their companies’ challenges, innovations and goals in this prolific region during a virtual panel discussion sponsored by DrillingContractor.org.

The panelists will discuss their companies’ goals and scope of drilling/completion operations in the Permian Basin, as well as challenges and lessons learned.

Technical innovations to bring production on stream more quickly and to use water smarter will also be part of the conversation, as well as issues centering on infrastructure, people, and service/manufacturing quality.

Also, don’t forget the IADC Shale Energy Workshop, convening 13 September at the Midland County Horseshoe Pavilion, Midland, Texas, which will explore these and other related topics in greater detail.

For more information on “Drilling and Completion in the Permian Basin Today”, contact Mike Killalea, mike.killalea@iadc.org.

Check out the IADC Shale Energy Workshop, 13 September, Midland, TX – CLICK HERE


  • Rodney Littleton, VP, Drilling and Completions, Southern Wolfcamp Asset Team, Pioneer Natural Resources;
  • John Willis, Chief – Drilling, Occidental Oil & Gas Corp;
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (moderator).

sponsored-lsc-logo“Examining Gateway, IADC’s Training Program For New Employees”

Air Date: 27 June, 2017 @ 10.00 CDT

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The drilling industry faces a unique challenge today when it comes to recruiting the right people for the right roles, just as the industry is beginning to recover. Demand for workers with a higher level of technical skills is increasing, just as an entire generation of veteran employees retires. The modern drilling workforce must train to fill these roles, as well as to develop the next generation of operations and technology.

IADC’s Gateway program brings together industry and educational institutions to strengthen industry’s ability not only to find new employees, but to ensure that those people are prepared for life on a rig, can contribute to the safety culture, and will achieve competence quickly.

The pre-recorded event will feature seasoned drilling-industry learning-and-development professionals.


  • Pamela Wakefield, Director of Training, Patterson-UTI
  • Linda Head, Associate Vice Chancellor of Workforce Education and Corporate Sponsorship, Lone Star College
  • Brooke Polk, Director – Program Development & Technology, IADC
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (moderator)

Recent VPDs

 sponsored-reach_group-logo“Leadership for the Upturn: Are Your People Ready?”

Sponsored by The REACH Group

The drilling industry has historically been a rough and ready business. People often are promoted due to mechanic skills but without the essential leadership skills needed for organizational success.

When the market returns it will remain extremely competitive. Today, contractors are expected to manage their business effectively with leaders who know how to deliver safe, efficient operations. Leaders will need to make the right decisions the first time as there will be little patience for error.

Don’t let a good downturn go to waste! This virtual panel discussion will explore key tools to effectively develop tomorrow’s leaders, based on real-world examples in our industry.

This video panel discussion is hosted by Drilling Contractor and generously sponsored by The REACH Group.


  • Thomas Burke, CEO, Rowan Companies
  • Christian Beckett, CEO, Pacific Drilling
  • Dave Massey, President, The REACH Group
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (moderator)

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sponsored-weatherford-logo“Managed Pressure Drilling: The New Convention for Drilling Operations?”

Sponsored by Weatherford

New technologies can be the answer to improving efficiencies and driving down overall well costs. Many operators have turned to managed pressure drilling (MPD) techniques as the solution. As MPD increasingly becomes the norm, industry collaboration is required to develop MPD capable rigs to extend the safety, operational, and economic rewards afforded by MPD across a broader scope of deepwater wells.

In this video panel discussion, hosted by Drilling Contractor magazine, hear from operator, drilling contractor and service provider representatives on the fundamentals, benefits and applications of MPD and how to propel the industry towards full MPD adoption.


  • Mike Vander Staak, Senior Technical Advisor, Hess; past chairman of the IADC Underbalanced Operations & Managed Pressure Drilling Committee
  • David Gouldin, Drilling & Well Control Manager, Seadrill
  • Guy Feasey, VP-Sales and Marketing, Well Integrity, Weatherford
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (moderator)

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“Hydraulic Fracturing Revealed: Debunking the Myths and Understanding the Technology”

Think you know a lot about hydraulic fracturing? Think again. Whether an oil & gas professional or a complete industry neophyte, this free webcast, featuring two of the world’s foremost experts, will arm you with rarely seen facts about hydraulic fracturing that you can use to educate your friends and neighbors. Learn the surprising truth about water use in fracturing, aquifer contamination, earthquakes, fracking chemicals and more.

Then, stay for the “overtime” second half of the video, which will cover cutting-edge advances in hydraulic fracturing and industry’s continuous improvement in its HF operations, technology and more.


  • Karen Olson, Director V+ Solutions, Southwestern Energy
  • George King, Distinguished Engineering Advisor, Apache Corp., and Principal, GEK Engineering.
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (moderator)

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“IADC WellSharp: A Revolution in Well Control Training”

Sponsored by: Maersk Training

The IADC WellSharp program represents the world’s most advanced well control training program for professionalizing drilling. A collaborative, industry-wide, industry-led effort to completely redefine well control training produced WellSharp, which emphasizes rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities, whether office-based or rigbased.


  • Mark Denkowski, IADC Executive Vice President-Operational Integrity
  • Brooke Polk, IADC Competence and Learning Development Specialist
  • Brian Maness, Assistant Director of Learning and Development, Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (moderator)

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“2004 – 2014: A Decade Of Drill Pipe Grades And Industry Standards Evolutions To Address Increasing H2S Challenges”

Sponsored by: Vallourec

Sour-service drill pipe as defined in the IRP have been used for a decade in Canada, as well as in other regions and continents, along with a variety of other proprietary sour-service grades of drill pipe and BHA. This presentation proposes a review of different field cases in the Middle East and Asia, as well a non-exhaustive recap of the different practices for material selection & qualification guidelines that have emerged over the past 10 years.


  • Vincent Flores, Vallourec
  • Iain MacLeod, Petrostem
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (Moderator)

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“Selecting ‘Casing Friendly’ Hardbanding Alloys For Minimum Tool Joint And Casing Wear”

Sponsored by: Hardbanding Solutions

Advanced drilling technology and political pressures are pushing the envelope of drill string tool joint life, as well as casing life. “Casing friendly” hardbanding alloys are replacing Tungsten Carbide, but at the expense of tool joint life.


  • Steve Stefancic, Hardbanding Solutions
  • Bob Miller, Hardbanding Solutions
  • Jim Allen, Allen Inspection
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (Moderator)

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sponsored-tensar“New Approaches To Site Access Minimize Cost, Risk and Impact”

Sponsored by: Tensar

Good corporate citizenship and sound environmental practices are vital to maintaining the industry’s license to operate. At the same time, cost control is as important as ever, particularly with softer short-term energy prices. One area of public sensitivity is the damage E&P operations can cause to local roads.


  • Clark Holmes, Oil & Gas Business Development Manager for Tensar International
  • Keith Brooks, Petrochemical Business Development Manager for Tensar International
  • John Bolton, Director of Marketing for Tensar International
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (Moderator)

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sponsored-petroskills“Performance-Ready Drilling Engineer”

Sponsored by: PetroSkills

Learn how to accelerate your time to competence for green drilling engineers. “How to Build a Performance-Ready Drilling Engineer” explains what a performance-ready technical professional must know in today’s high-activity industry, and best practices to accelerate competency. This timely webinar includes a practical example of bringing a young engineer up to speed for a specific problem.


  • Ron Hinn, PetroSkills vice president of training
  • Bruce G Kitchel, chief drilling and completions engineer, Gulf Coast Business Unit, Conoco Phillips
  • James Bobo, ConocoPhillips principal drilling engineer (ret.) and well construction discipline manager, PetroSkills
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (Moderator)

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sponsored-cameron“API Standard 53”

Sponsored by: Cameron

Watch an exclusive webinar explaining how the new API Standard 53, Blowout Prevention Equipment Systems for Drilling Wells, is changing how the oil and gas industry installs, inspects, maintains, tests and operates BOP equipment. This webcast is drawn from a panel discussion originally held at the 2013 IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas, held in Galveston, Texas, during August.


  • Frank Gallander, Chevron
  • Mel Whitby, Cameron
  • Mike Killalea, IADC Adviser (Moderator)

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sponsored-lloyds“IADC Competency Webinar”

Sponsored by: Lloyd’s Register

The approximately 60-minute webinar seeks to clear the confusion on what competence is, outlines benefits of employing a competent workforce and, finally, shares tips on organizing a competence-assurance system.


  • John Tustin, Petrofac operations director of competence solutions
  • Malcolm Duncan, Lloyd’s Register competency manager
  • Dr Brenda Kelly, IADC senior director of program development
  • Mark Denkowski, IADC VP of Accreditation and Credentialing (Moderator)

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