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VPD Panelist Biography – Neil Gooding

Neil Gooding

MPD/Well Control Superintendent, Seadrill

Neil Gooding is MPD/Well Control superintendent for Seadrill. He is a 21-year veteran of the oil and gas industry, starting as a roustabout in the southern sector of the North Sea and working up to drilling superintendent.

Early in his career, Mr Gooding drilled underbalanced wells for NAM, Shell’s Netherlands subsidiary, and moved on to midwater wells offshore Abetdeen. Fro the last eight years, Mr Gooding has drilled deepwater wells in Brazil, West Africa, and China.

Mr Gooding developed technical aspects of Seadrill’s MPD systems from equipment selection and design to project delivery and operations teams. He currently operationally supports Seadrill’s MPD-operating rigs, as well as the clients’ MPD teams.

Mr Gooding is experienced in all aspects of building and designing MPD systems that comply to class requirements through ABS.

He is the document owner of the Seadrill MPD well control manual, which is written to industry standards. He developed the manual alongside third-party MPD experts to ensure compliance.